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Formulation chemist

The Global formulation chemist will develop and evaluate new end use products according to market and customer needs, using specialized formulation technology and processes. The formulation chemist will work closely with other members of the global formulation team. The Global formulation chemist will conduct specialized physiochemical testing on candidate formulations and competitive products to determine how well formulations will perform under actual use conditions, conduct or outsource required regulatory studies, assist in manufacturing scale up and production, and trouble shoot field performance problems. Formulation chemists also ensure that intellectual property is developed and freedom to operate is ensured for new formulations. Knowledge of agricultural formulations, their use, physical testing requirements and new technologies amounting to at least five years experience in the development of agricultural formulations is essential to perform this job. Experience with successfully developing new formulations and products is necessary, and a working knowledge of global regulatory requirements and protocols for physical testing of new formulations is a plus. Must have a working knowledge in formulation and analytical chemistry equipment, as well as a basic knowledge of analytical chemistry. This position requires a Working knowledge of patent processes and intellectual property management. Fluency in English is essential for this position, and knowledge of a second language, such as Spanish or Portuguese is beneficial. - #12-046